“Shepherd Huts”


We use the term “Shepherd Hut” rather loosely to describe any bespoke hut we build on any sort of wheeled chassis. The first one we built was for Frack Free Wales, with materials donated by Coed Hills Rural Artspace, on the understanding that once it had served its initial purpose as a protest camp camp kitchen, it would return to Coed Hills to become guest accommodation. It was built on an what was once part of a 1950s lorry chassis. Here it is a slideshow of it taking shape:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We subsequently inherited a partially started project that we saw through to completion, shown in the main picture. We inherited the basic structure and roof, but this still left to be done: all the insulation, all the internal cladding, the larch cladding outside, rebuild the mezzanine platform, fit the dormer window, instal the wood burning stove, build a wooden ladder and temporary beds so that it could be used as dormitory accommodation at Coed Hills for the summer season (2017). We finally had to supervise re-siting it and building the steps and platform in front of it.

We can build wagons to any agreed design, using materials that we can help source, in line with Wood Reincarnations core ethos of recycling,  re-using and re-purposing materials wherever we can.

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