Animal housing

Let us provide a safe and spacious environment for your flock (and/or your pets).

Our chicken coops are built to welfare standards. We would look to provide a minimum of 2 sq. ft per bird (i.e for bantams) inside the roosting box (with at least 1 nesting box for every 3-4 birds). Hybrids and some pure breeds need more space, so discuss this with us so we meet the needs of your flock. Being raised off the ground is safer for the birds and easier for you to access.

The outside run should provide at least 4 sq.ft per bird.

Various roof designs are possible.

You will also need to budget for feeding and water equipment as we do not supply that.

Prices from about £200 (the one in the feature picture  would be around £500 and was custom built, for up to 12 bantams, for Cowbridge Community Chicken Group).

But for much smaller bird accommodation, we can produce bird boxes from about £10

Rabbit hutches and dog kennels etc. are also available to your exact requirements.

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