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Andy & John welcome you to Wood Reincarnations

John and Andy have known each other and worked together for getting on for ten years now. They were founder members and stalwarts of Bridgend Green Party, but now have set up their own eco-friendly business venture, rounding up discarded wood and turning it it to useful products; be it storage, furniture, outbuildings or whatever! They relish the challenge of devising solutions to any problem you may have that can have a wooden solution.

Fitting insulation and internal cladding

Their first major project together was building a camp kitchen onto an old lorry chassis for Frack Free Wales, using materials donated by Coed Hills Rural Artspace. The initial purpose of the cabin is to serve a Community Protection Camp in South Wales, as and when Frack Free Wales need to set one up (there are currently several around the UK). Once the fracking threat has been removed, the cabin will return to Coed Hills to become an accommodation unit of some sort (it has been suggested that it could make a great honeymoon suite for the weddings held at at Coed Hills). The feature picture shows it being relocated away from Coed Hills.


After this, John & Andy started working together out of John’s back yard >, taking advantage of readily available materials from Bridgend Industrial Estate. But as the end of summer beckoned, it became clear that a proper workshop was going to be needed.  Coed Hills Rural Artspace came to the rescue once again, offering us the opportunity to set up workshop within their grounds. That setting up process took some time and investment, but they are now in a position to take on just about any sort of commission, no matter how large or small.

The doors to our workshop at Coed Hills Rural Artspace